Monday, September 26, 2016

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Welcome to Epona Equine Reiki

We offer Reiki Courses 

 Equine Reiki Courses, 

 Animal Healing Courses 

 Reiki Drum Courses 

Animal Communication Courses 

 Epona Trained Practitioners Internationally


Courses currently run in South Lincolnshire, Leeds, West Yorkshire and Glasgow, Scotland.

Please visit our course reviews  page for our latest reviews 




Epona Equine Reiki was set up by Sarah Berrisford, author of 'The Handbook of Equine Reiki', 'The Complete Guide to Animal Reiki', 'Reiki in the Saddle', & 'Talk to me Pet - The Simple Guide to Animal Communication'. All titles available to order here or through & 


july_2012_129.jpg wild_horse.jpg sarah_flash.jpg


As I meet your gaze and you look into my eyes,
You see deep into my soul,
Connecting though as one,
No outer appearances perceived,
Just purely loved,
You know who I am,
What I am,
Why I am,
You see the purpose and perfection of the human soul,
You bring those qualities to the surface, just through being....
To be seen by you, is to truly see myself